I remember when we decided to make this blog.  It was way early spring twenty-eleven.  You would not wonder, like others, why I spelled the year out.

Pickle was already 1.5 yo.  He loved to swing & was enthusiastic enough to chant the word each time we said it-walk.

Upon asking you to think about URLs & titles for the blog {& I suggesting Harold & Maude would be a good place to start} you uttered the same phrase I had been thinking of – Oat Straw Tea & Ginger Pie.  I think this matched us well.

Odd, foody, folksy/modern & original – a physical & expressive analogy of a life we share.  I, sort of like Harold, was a pessimist & happy in my own way living the best life ever & you, well you, like Maude, are a rae of sunshine bursting with wires & optimistic as fuck.  I remember my mom saying that after meeting you.  We are great for each other regardless what was inside your mind back then.

We said this phrase a few times; Lesser people have survived much more.  Since we both agree this is true {being that most are lesser} we share a strength.  This is what we share; a strength to support each other, a strength to raise Knuckles waking in the other room there, a strength to have a 1-income family in this economy {which coincidentally is allowing Eliot to see this strength}, a strength to create & earn & cook wonderful meals together on the well-orchestrated weekends we have long perfected.

Our orchestra here has been actively working on our relationship for going on 12 years now.    You tell me-with this bolstering structure we have & with this strength, then what can break us?

All the much, Mingo


One response to “Nothing

  1. Beautifully stated. There’s no other way to put it. You are right, we are strong, life is good and we will not only survive but thrive.

    I love you all the much, my Milk Muscle, my Butt City, my Losey, my Beddu, my MINGO. ❤

    Love, love, and love,
    The Bedda

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