A walk I remember

The memory that just occurred to me was very early in our relationship.  One night you called me at my aparment and said you wanted to come over and take a walk.  You arrived with two hot chocolates and said you just needed to get out of the house, wanted to talk a little.  We walked a bit, ended up at some benches near my apartment, sat, drank and talked.  You were sad about Jerry, your mom’s husband, who was so ill and holed up at your house.  You were sad for your mom, feeling stir crazy, and just wanted to talk.  I was so touched that you chose me to talk to.  I was glad to be able to be there for you.  I had no idea we were at the start of something absolutely incredible, and that I would forever get to be that person you’d go to for solace, comfort and support.  I am honored to be that person.


One response to “A walk I remember

  1. I still think of that walk too. You shared your feelings on grandpa Bob. Thanks for listening & not bailing on this sentimental fellow. It was just across the street I asked you to marry me.

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