Coffee Equation

Just as I began writing this post you commented that this mornings coffee is awesome & I must have done something special to it.  I said no & that is the truth but your coffee is always ≥ my coffee.

Upon tasting each cup I assess which is better.  If your coffee is better than my coffee I leave the two mugs alone.  If my coffee is better than your coffee I mix the two.

This is how I make coffee for posterity’s sake.

  • Fill the large plastic cup with water to the top ridge & heat in electric kettle
  • Pour 2 level & 1 heaping spoonfuls (the one Nikki got me) of ground coffee into the French press
  • Fill mugs with hot water so they won’t cool the coffee
  • When the kettle boils pour water into the French press & stir with a chopstick
  • Set the timer for 4:45
  • At 1 min till pour hot water out of mugs
  • Place 2 almost level tsp of sugar & 3 Asian soup spoons of ½ & ½ into your mug
  • Place 2 heaping tsp of sugar & 4 Asian soup spoons of ½ & ½ into my mug
  • Pour hot coffee into the mugs
  • Stir well (you hate finding sugar in the bottom)
  • Taste
  • Apply above taste rule

All the much, Mingo


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