Stern B & B

You & I reserved the largest room at Frisco Street B & B in Steelville, MO for Valentines 2006.  I believe it was the year before we had wanted it but Bill & Missy – who were B&B proud & gabby – had already taken the room.  That year we beat them to it & come to think of it I think we were the only ones there.

I can still see the room…when walking in there was a king-size bed forward & to the left.  To the right was the bathroom.  If we turned toward the bed & further left there was a hot tub.  We listened to Howard Stern most of the ride down & were craving those heart-shaped raspberry linzer cookies.  We brought our Sirius home kit so we could listen to it in our room.  We really enjoyed ourselves soaking in the hot tub & listening to Howard Stern late into the night. We looked forward to the big breakfast in the morning.

Per our usual we visited the St.James wineries taking only the back routes. I bought cheese curd & you disliked the smell of it.  We visited the Maramec Spring Park to feed the trout in the hatchery & drive up the gravel road in the back of the park where there was an old cemetery.  We made it a habit to walk beyond where we could drive – further along the gravel road behind the gate.

This led to the giant mound of rocks from a quarry nearby.  We picked up a few gemstone-like rocks from the road on the way back to the car.  I have a vague recollection of where they are in the house & will have to locate them.

Unfortunately, a year or so ago we received a mailer from that B&B saying they had “Fax, copy machine and wireless printer” (from their site) added as amenities.  These are the antithesis of B&B amenities to you & I.

As I typed this I realize we need to do this again.  I know we can’t afford it but you & I should do what we can to spend this time together again.

All the much, Mingo


One response to “Stern B & B

  1. It wasn’t just the fax machine and printer–it was that the B&B had spa services, had upped their charges immensely, and worst of all, Cheryl was no longer the owner. SHE was the maker of the toffee chip brownies, raspberry linzer cookies, and breakfasts that kept us coming back. The diner in town with the mashed potato smiles was already gone, so that was the last straw.

    But yes, I have very fond memories of our times there and I look forward to making more, new memories somewhere else.

    All the love in the world,

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