The Future Walk

Two days ago (March 19, 2011) all three of us took a long stroll up to The Future Antiques.  You were on edge at the beginning of the walk because I had snapped at you when you asked if we were leaving soon.  I saw this action for what it is for the first time & was able to explain myself.  We came to the conclusion that somewhere down the line I had picked up a constant need to defend myself.  We were both strong & moved on with your mentioning the upcoming vote for St.Louis City tax. Eliot was being a chill pickle the whole time.

I took the upcoming vote as a similar to what is going on in Wisconsin due to a misunderstanding on my part. This lead me to say something about fear of what is happening in the USA & in the world.  I told you I feared a third world war.

(walking via Shaw South to MF strip)

You ever so patiently explained to me this was a common vote due to its expiration & those initiating the vote are the very ones who want to continue the tax & not eliminate it.   After a bit of logic work on my part I understood.

You then explained about how politics and people’s mindsets are a swinging pendulum, left to right and back again, and that it makes sense that I am somewhat jaded due to the rightward swing we’ve been dealing with, coupled with a short left swing back to the right again.  You told me you were proud of me b/c I was changing & wanted to have less fear.  You said that you wanted me to understand the history of the world better so that I could recognize that things have been worse, and that things currently are worse, for people as compared to the situation in America right now.

I asked you what I could do to understand history & you suggested asking Terry about a book (or books) that gave an impartial view of the history of civilizations.  We were fairly harmonious at that time, just arriving at TFA.  We enjoyed our walk through the store, seeing some shirts we knew would be awesome for me, but ultimately buying nothing.  We left and walked down Morganford, stopping at Local Harvest  to look around their new shop.  We considered getting beer but instead decided to get beer the next day at the grocer.

We enjoyed a lovely walk home through Tower Grove park.  We got to see several geese as well as a couple posing for  wedding pictures.

It was, for all three of us, one of the best walks of  our life.


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