These past few days

have been all the much of perfect.  You had Thursday & Friday off-making me so happy. We had a great four day weekend in Galesburg for Rootabaga. Eliot did well adjusting.  It was relaxing hanging at Nikki & Cory’s pad.  We liked being able to watch Eliot play while we cooked & cleaned in the kitchen.

Eliot was beyond wonderful on the car ride to & from as well.

Eliot & I played a game he loved on Monday night (4.4.11).  He walked into & out of his playroom & our bedroom while I sat in the hall making noises only to scare him as he passed or approached.  He was laughing his head off.

The following night he asked for a chance to swing in the JJU.  He had a ton of fun doing it. He impressed us both in identifying Aunt Queen & many other people in our hallway photos.  He was super sweet while I did my last few bits of bedtime routine with him in his room.

Thank you for sharing this life with me.

All the much, Mingo


One response to “These past few days

  1. This is THE life. I love you all the much.

    The Bedda!

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