The perfect exchange

Several year ago you received teal pjs made of modal. I strongly suggested I get some modal pjs soon.  You & your mom had to special order them from Calvin Klein a few months later. [Though they are battered they still feel awesome.]

Several months later you told me to keep my eye on the mail because you had a special delivery coming my way. I was gleaming upon feeling inside the package a modal pj shirt to go with my black modal pj pants.

You had bought me a perfect gift out of the blue & I knew what had to be done in return.

Time was short as it was near the time I was to pick you up from work. I raced to the Science Center & nervously parked my car hazards blinking right in front of the entrance. I swept in only to walk straight to the gift shop & buy you not one, not two but three package sof astronaut ice cream. I threw them in the glove compartment as I turned right onto Oakland on my way to pick you up.

I picked you up & we were heading East on Forest Park Parkway on our way home. I thanked you for the thoughtful & perfect gift-which you were so proud of.

You uttered, “You know if you ever wanted to get me the perfect gift I mentioned it a few months back.”

I motioned to the glove compartment. You looked straight at me & said really?!

We were both so high on making the other happy that to this day it is one of our proudest moments.

≈all the much


One response to “The perfect exchange

  1. This is why we are meant to be, a perfect couple. No one would believe this if we told it to them, and if they did believe it, it would just show how they don’t really get what a surreptitious happening this was.

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