You should go to the discotecha

Your dad told me I was gallant for asking him ahead of time.

The morning was a bit chilly & we stepped out of North¹. We were off to get me a straight razor shave from a barber on The Hill. I wanted to meander a bit down Westgate to the right. You preferred not to do so. I urged time & time again before insisting.

Ahead of us & to our left was a man picking up trash as we entered Metcalfe Park. From my grey & red jogging jacket I pulled the box out & opened it upside down while asking you to marry me.  You said yes.

The barber in his thick Italian accent told us to go to a discotech in celebration of our news.  I believe we stopped by my moms on our way home to tell her.

≈all the much


One response to “You should go to the discotecha

  1. I almost ruined our engagement! I can be stubborn sometimes.

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