9th Year


The first words I said to you were Happy Anniversary. We readied ourselves & began the day. You had the morning from hell at work-being double booked all morning long. I mowed Sylvia’s lawn. She & her roommate talked my ear off. She had some other yard work she wanted done but in the end paid me almost twice as much. I got home just in time for Eliot’s waking. I mowed our lawn while I fed him lunch then had him bounce while I showered.

We sat in the front room-him bouncing on the couch & looking for busses & I thinking hard about what small thing I could do for you for our anniversary. Cannoli crossed my mind. Eliot & I drove to Vitale’s-which is closed on Tuesdaya. Then we went to Missouri Bakery where I bought Eliot (& I) 9 cookies & for you & I a piece of tiramisu & a cannoli. Both boxes I hid.

You came come with Kristina to Eliot & I surprising you from behind Jan’s car. I asked you not to exercise so we could spend more time together. We had tacos for dinner & watched United States of Tara.

Eliot ate dinner in his johnny jump up & loved it. We bathed, dried & clothed him for bedtime. He has been saying an extra i love you & a get well to Papa Wheels since he had the seizure a week back.

I made you a special gin & tonic with a touch of lemon balm & a few extra drips of lime juice on top. We did tradies as we watched Jeopardy & followed it up with  Good Eats, Pati’s Mexican Table & one other show neither one of us can remember.

I tried to surprise you with the bakery treats by asking you to get me wine from the white box in the back of the fridge. You read me & later restated I suck at lying. You were so happy with my surprise.

We got ready for & went to bed. Chatted a bit before sleep overcame us. The last thing we said to each other was Happy Anniversary.


One response to “9th Year

  1. A perfect anniversary. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I love you all the much and can’t wait for the next 90 years with you.

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