Maine Post-Sushi Fog

October 2010

On our last evening n Portland, Maine we went out for sushi at Yosaku. It had been our first trip alone in a long while & our first without Knuckles-who was staying with the Books. The cabin that Carrie & Matt had was beyond phenomenal & their letting us use their car & gps made our trip truly care free. We visited the Head Light where my mom & Marty had been years back. We ate that wonderful lobster roll at Linda’s & bought xmas gifts, mead & a yellow tugboat toy for Knuckles. We had a massaman curry & peanut butter shake at Sillys.

As we exited Yosaku we were struck by the beauty of a fairly thick fog that had come up from the ocean.

≈All the much, Mingo


One response to “Maine Post-Sushi Fog

  1. Without question, one of the most memorable moments of my life. Love and beauty were everywhere. And they still are. I love you all the much.

    ❤ Bedda

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