Eric the 13yo boat racer

Last week or the week before you enjoyed the rare improv story I was telling. Not sure how it started & perhaps you can fill in what you remember.

I found some money on the ground while I was walking with Eliot. It had my name on it.

I decided to buy a speed boat with this money but did not want you to know so I shopped, purchased & had delivered said boat to his some Eric, who is 13, His son was to win speed boat races & give the money to charity. I chose him because the PI I hired said he was trustworthy & loved boats. His folks would never find out about this boat becase they fear boats.

In reality the money had been place there by an Afghani man. Although this man & his family are oil/family rich he loves petrol products & runs a gas station in Murphysboro, IL. He happens to live above it with his family. He know, by a hired PI that I took walks on this street a lot & would certainly pick it up. With a thorough investigation the PI established cause that I would do exactly what I did-which is what the man wanted: to get his son Eric into something to get him away from his current friends whom were up to no good.

Anything else my dearest?

≈all the much


One response to “Eric the 13yo boat racer

  1. Didn’t Eric have a brother? A twin brother? Who was evil and tricked you all somehow?

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