Grand Gratitude

You’ve been unhappy at your job at for some time & the last six months have been the toughest. Being treated the exact opposite as you should have been.

Just so happened contact with Kim eventually culminated with all the hard work that never appeared to make a difference. You were asked. You were questioned; once then twice.

Yesterday that questioning & answer flowed as words landing in your ears & extended the corners of your mouth upward.

“Good good good stuff!” appeared on the little screen. Upon arrival your grin explained to me the new situation in which you were to find yourself merry.

Knuckes & I are both congratulating you still. You deserve the best.

All the much.


One response to “Grand Gratitude

  1. It’s been a tough year, career-wise, but I’ve been lucky to have you two to support me and keep me smiling. This is an exciting new chapter and I am happy to work so hard for our family because you work so hard for our family also. I love both of you all the much!

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