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Grand Gratitude

You’ve been unhappy at your job at for some time & the last six months have been the toughest. Being treated the exact opposite as you should have been.

Just so happened contact with Kim eventually culminated with all the hard work that never appeared to make a difference. You were asked. You were questioned; once then twice.

Yesterday that questioning & answer flowed as words landing in your ears & extended the corners of your mouth upward.

“Good good good stuff!” appeared on the little screen. Upon arrival your grin explained to me the new situation in which you were to find yourself merry.

Knuckes & I are both congratulating you still. You deserve the best.

All the much.


The point

You were taking a survey about snack, specifically Bugles. You read me the question on the survey: “Are Bugles the only snack with a point?” I replied that their shape indeed makes them fit that perfectly. You loved it.

≈all the much

Apple core on the second floor

It must have been a squirrel & you know the rest of the story so fill it in in the comments please.

≈all the much

The age of toilet paper


  • borrowed toilet paper
  • drank beer with us
  • was a door to door pot salesman
  • was really fucking cool
  • said you were ‘cool man’ (post that one!)
  • used our apt to swiftly get to the alley
  • was only 17

≈all the much

Change the screen

I was on the phone casually talking to my mom peering out the screened window on Westgate when a lady came up to the window & asked me for change.

≈all the much


Remember that car alarm that a fly landing would set off? That shit was loud, right at our window & lasted months.

≈all the much

on repeat…on repeat

One fateful night our neighbor in Marie played a (horrible) song on repeat for hours on end till late in the night. We were being driven beyond mad. From the lyrics I concluded she had been broken up with. This eased your pain slightly.

You remember the song or other details?

≈all the much