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For as long as I can remember, you’ve sent me Heather Champ e-postcards.  Sometimes it’s been a regular thing, but usually it’s sporadic.  The feeling I get when I check my email and see, “Rocky, Mingo has sent you a photograph from” is warm and happy.  I have tried to save all of them but fear some of the early ones got lost forever.  I thank you for being such a sweet, thoughtful love. 


All the much,

The Bedda



The point

You were taking a survey about snack, specifically Bugles. You read me the question on the survey: “Are Bugles the only snack with a point?” I replied that their shape indeed makes them fit that perfectly. You loved it.

≈all the much

Apple core on the second floor

It must have been a squirrel & you know the rest of the story so fill it in in the comments please.

≈all the much

The age of toilet paper


  • borrowed toilet paper
  • drank beer with us
  • was a door to door pot salesman
  • was really fucking cool
  • said you were ‘cool man’ (post that one!)
  • used our apt to swiftly get to the alley
  • was only 17

≈all the much

Change the screen

I was on the phone casually talking to my mom peering out the screened window on Westgate when a lady came up to the window & asked me for change.

≈all the much


Remember that car alarm that a fly landing would set off? That shit was loud, right at our window & lasted months.

≈all the much

on repeat…on repeat

One fateful night our neighbor in Marie played a (horrible) song on repeat for hours on end till late in the night. We were being driven beyond mad. From the lyrics I concluded she had been broken up with. This eased your pain slightly.

You remember the song or other details?

≈all the much