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The age of toilet paper


  • borrowed toilet paper
  • drank beer with us
  • was a door to door pot salesman
  • was really fucking cool
  • said you were ‘cool man’ (post that one!)
  • used our apt to swiftly get to the alley
  • was only 17

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Change the screen

I was on the phone casually talking to my mom peering out the screened window on Westgate when a lady came up to the window & asked me for change.

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Remember that car alarm that a fly landing would set off? That shit was loud, right at our window & lasted months.

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on repeat…on repeat

One fateful night our neighbor in Marie played a (horrible) song on repeat for hours on end till late in the night. We were being driven beyond mad. From the lyrics I concluded she had been broken up with. This eased your pain slightly.

You remember the song or other details?

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Is that a bagel?

Once when you & I were in the front room of our place on Westgate  in N1 we happened to see a squirrel outside running toward the tree. It had something enormous in it’s mouth. The critter had scored huge with an entire bagel that he actually made it up the tree with.

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You should go to the discotecha

Your dad told me I was gallant for asking him ahead of time.

The morning was a bit chilly & we stepped out of North¹. We were off to get me a straight razor shave from a barber on The Hill. I wanted to meander a bit down Westgate to the right. You preferred not to do so. I urged time & time again before insisting.

Ahead of us & to our left was a man picking up trash as we entered Metcalfe Park. From my grey & red jogging jacket I pulled the box out & opened it upside down while asking you to marry me.  You said yes.

The barber in his thick Italian accent told us to go to a discotech in celebration of our news.  I believe we stopped by my moms on our way home to tell her.

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