on repeat…on repeat

One fateful night our neighbor in Marie played a (horrible) song on repeat for hours on end till late in the night. We were being driven beyond mad. From the lyrics I concluded she had been broken up with. This eased your pain slightly.

You remember the song or other details?

≈all the much


Is that a bagel?

Once when you & I were in the front room of our place on Westgate  in N1 we happened to see a squirrel outside running toward the tree. It had something enormous in it’s mouth. The critter had scored huge with an entire bagel that he actually made it up the tree with.

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Eric the 13yo boat racer

Last week or the week before you enjoyed the rare improv story I was telling. Not sure how it started & perhaps you can fill in what you remember.

I found some money on the ground while I was walking with Eliot. It had my name on it.

I decided to buy a speed boat with this money but did not want you to know so I shopped, purchased & had delivered said boat to his some Eric, who is 13, His son was to win speed boat races & give the money to charity. I chose him because the PI I hired said he was trustworthy & loved boats. His folks would never find out about this boat becase they fear boats.

In reality the money had been place there by an Afghani man. Although this man & his family are oil/family rich he loves petrol products & runs a gas station in Murphysboro, IL. He happens to live above it with his family. He know, by a hired PI that I took walks on this street a lot & would certainly pick it up. With a thorough investigation the PI established cause that I would do exactly what I did-which is what the man wanted: to get his son Eric into something to get him away from his current friends whom were up to no good.

Anything else my dearest?

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Sesenta y Ocho

The few times we’ve camped at Babler park we bring our fire tending set that we got from your Grandma Jane-which used to by your Grandpa Bob’s. One of the tools is the fire poker. Upon the last morning before putting out the fire we put the poker in the white-hot ashes to heat it thoroughly. Then we burn its ½ fleur de lis into the post of the best spot in the whole park: #68. I think there are 2 or 3. There will be more.

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Every so often you hit me…ok a little less often for a bit & now a bit more luckily. When you slug me in the chest I tend to declare solar plexus. Upon the strike of your fist on my thigh I tend to declare that you separated the muscle.

All the much≈Mingo.

Blogging about blogs

I’m remembering a really wonderful evening you and I spent going through every post at the 80’s nostalgia blog, http://imremembering.com/. We shared so many childhood memories, laughed, and it was just one of those great best friend experiences. I especially enjoyed laughing at you every time you noted that you’d never heard of something because it reminded me of how you grew up in a vacuum. I love my best friend Beddu.

Question games

At certain times under certain circumstances in certain moods questions are asked…that have never been asked before. Let’s ask them here.

Mingo: You know what this plant is called?

≈All the much, Mingo